Natural Body Sugaring | Custom Treatments

Natural Body Sugaring | Custom Treatments


Body Sugaring is an all-natural ancient art of body hair removal.


Unlike Wax, Sugar is made of water, sugar and lemon. It is non-allergenic and safe to use on men, women and children. It is gentle to the skin that it can be applied to any body part or skin type. It also leaves your skin smooth and silky as the sugar also ex-foliates your skin.

  • Benefits

    • Pure and Natural Ingredients. The sugar paste I use only contains sugar, water, and citric acid as a preservative
    • No Risk of Burning
    • Easier To Clean Up
    • Sugar Paste Won't Stick to Live Skin
    • Sugar Never Dries on Skin
    • Sugaring is More Sanitary
    • Sugaring Will Not Break As Many Hairs.